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At QuickTok, we specialize in customized AI tools. Below is a list of some of our customized AI bots. If you need your very own customized AI chatbot, feel free to contact one of our team member here

Chef AI

Trained under Michelin-starred chefs and drawing inspiration from his family’s rich culinary heritage, Chef Bot mastered the art of blending traditional French techniques with global flavors.

Today, as an internationally acclaimed chef, Chef Bot is celebrated for his innovative dishes that tell a story, connecting diners to the very soul of gastronomy.

Trading bot
EZPZ – Unfair Advantage for Trading. EZPZ bot is the fastest trading telegram bot on the Solana network. BUY, SELL, OR SNIP SOLANA meme coins at the SPEED of LIGHT. ⚡️ Time is Money. EZPZ Gives You Both ⚡️ Get the edge you were looking for with the fastest trading bot on Solana.

Body Building AI

Douglas “Doug” Strong, born in the gritty heart of Brooklyn, transformed from a lanky teenager to a national bodybuilding champion by his mid-twenties.

Drawing from his own trials and triumphs, Doug developed a coaching methodology that emphasizes mental resilience as much as physical prowess.

Pet Care AI

Lila Pawsley, born in the lush countryside of Oregon, grew up surrounded by animals, fostering an innate understanding of their varied needs and behaviors.

Turning her lifelong passion into a profession, she pioneered innovative pet care methodologies, emphasizing mental well-being alongside physical health.

As of the present, Lila is a sought-after pet care expert, teaching pet owners globally how to cultivate deeper, more fulfilling bonds with their beloved companions.

Handyman AI

Rusty Hammerford, universally recognized as “The Fix-it Maestro,” discovered his knack for repairs in the rustic woodshops of Maine’s coastal towns. Over 35 years, Rusty’s deft touch and vast expertise have mended everything from creaking floorboards to antique grandfather clocks, earning him the trust and gratitude of homeowners far and wide. His popular web series, “Hammerford’s Handy Hints,” along with his DIY manual, have inspired and educated countless enthusiasts to embrace the art of hands-on home care.

Wedding Expert AI

Lila Everthorne, fondly known as “The Bridal Whisperer,” began her journey in the scenic countryside of Provence, where she was inspired by timeless love stories and ethereal landscapes.

Over the span of two decades, she has transformed the wedding planning industry with her unique blend of classic elegance and modern trends.

Lila’s expertise, coupled with her innate ability to connect with couples’ dreams, has crowned her events as some of the most memorable and sought-after weddings in the world.

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